Hi and welcome to the online shop of “Go Create“. Go Create is an children’s arts and crafts studio located just a few miles outside of Preston City centre.

The arts and crafts studio opened in 2015 and quickly became very popular with the local community. People love the freedom that Go Create offers and we soon became one of the areas number one places to take young children, not just for craft activities but also for parties, messy play, discos, workshops and more.

As the business evolved we started to offer baby and children’s photography. Some of the first photos we took were of babies in a giant pumpkin.
Following the success of this photoshoot we also did Christmas themed, Valentine themed and Easter themed shoots.

Now in our 4th year we offer so much more. In addition to the themed seasonal photoshoots we also offer weekly themed shoots for young children, for example vintage, painting and chef themes as well as cake smash and newborn photography.

As we continue to evolve and grow the business the next step is naturally online. As a family run local craft/party/photography hot spot we have a unique advantage.
We know what works, we know what we would use and all of the items and products that we sell are of a quality and standard that we would be happy to photograph.